The Fyrnsidu Community

Within Fyrnsidu, there is an ever-growing community of Fyrnsidere. seeks to bring these Fyrnsidere, new and veteran, together so that we may learn from each other and share resources and rituals and friendship. We host a small Discord group as well as a Facebook group; you are welcome to join us if you would like to learn more about Fyrnsidu. There is also a small community of Fyrnsidere who maintain blogs, these are well worth checking out.


Lārhūs Fyrnsida
The Lārhūs Fyrnsida was a project headed by Wodgar (Sundorwic) and Marc (Of Axe and Plough). Its aim was to provide a baseline for specifically Anglo-Saxon heathenry, Fyrnsidu. It was just this, a baseline, a starting point for reconstruction. It is well cited and takes a very even-handed, academic approach to its information.

Of Axe and Plough
The other half of the Lārhūs brings you Of Axe and Plough. Of Axe and Plough is often a philosophically deep look at polytheistic ponderings. There is also a podcast spinoff of this blog, called the Plough-share, which we here at heartily recommend.

Wind in the Worldtree
Wind in the Worldtree is a Fyrnsidu blog written by Beofeld that comes with an accompanying podcast. In this blog he goes into his personal practices, gives examples of rituals he performs, and discusses reconstructions of gods. Beofeld is also an editor of .

Mine Wyrtruman
Mine Wyrtruman is a Fyrnsidu blog written by Byron in which he explores his personal practice. He discusses his views of gods and spirits, and examines the world through a Fyrnsidu lens. Byron is also an editor of

Seolfor Cwylla Heorþ
Seolfor Cwylla Heorþ or Silver Well Hearth is a Fyrnsidu blog with a lot of material that explores the reconstructions of gods and practices of that particular hearth. The author is involved in the Fyrnsidu Discord group, as well as the Fyrnsidu Facebook group.

YouTube Channels

This YouTube channel is a very down-to-earth view on heathen topics, presented by Bjorn Ulfson.

Wind in the Worldtree can also be found on YouTube.