About Fyrnsidu

It is the mission of Fyrnsidu.faith to provide a path for those who wish to learn about and practice Fyrnsidu.


Fyrnsidu is our term for what many call Anglo-Saxon Heathenry. The goal of our religion is to forge relationships with the gods of the ancient Angles, Saxons, Jutes, and other neighboring peoples.

Our Mission

Fyrnsidu.faith seeks to become a place for newcomers to learn how to practice, as well as to form a central hub to the work of other Fyrnsidere (practitioners of Fyrnsidu) who are furthering the religion in their own, often individual, ways.

We seek to provide newcomers with the basics of why and how to practice, as well as be a gateway to showcase those who are living and practicing the religion.


Fyrnsidu is for everyone and anyone interested in our tradition. We seek to create a welcoming space for anyone who wants to learn about and practice Fyrnsidu regardless of race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, etc.

It is regrettable that in the past, and still currently in some regions, racists or tribal groups have sought to bar people from entry into our tradition. Some groups deliberately demean or even bar people from joining them based on factors like race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, etc.

Fyrnsidu.faith denounces such groups with the utmost conviction.

Fyrnsidu.faith supports the Declaration of Deeds.