The Afterlife

Where will you spend eternity?

Most Fyrnsidere believe that there is an afterlife (or perhaps one of several) awaiting us after we die. Many if not most of us believe that there is a place called Hell where most of us end up. This is not so different from Norse heathenry in that there is a place called Hel in that iteration of heathenry as well.

What is the afterlife like?

We generally believe that the afterlife, Hell, fulfills a few basic aspects:

  • It is a place of plenty, where it is ever-green and there is no more times of famine or want
  • It is a place where death cannot exist and fighting would be without purpose
  • We will be reunited with our loved-ones when we die
  • It is pleasant, a good place

Who gets to go?

Generally speaking, everyone, everyone gets to go.

If we hold that people can grow and learn and change in the afterlife, and we generally do, then it is important to know that everyone can go to the afterlife because even people who were less than great or even bad people in life might have the opportunity to better themselves after death. Eternal damnation is not something most Fyrnsidere believe in.

If everyone gets the change to go, will everyone go? We don’t know, but we don’t believe so. We have some sources in heathenry that tend to point to the understanding that there is a small journey involved to go to Hell and that the journey is not undertaken by certain people for one reason or another.