Eostre- the Anglo-Saxon Dawn Goddess

According to my reconstructed Anglo-Saxon Calendar, the fourth month, Ēosturmōnaþ, began last Tuesday (April 13, 2021). Bede tells us it was named after the goddess Ēostre. Like Hreðe, the only thing we know about Ēostre from attested sources is her name and the month she was worshipped in (roughly corresponding to the month of April), […]

Eostre- the Anglo-Saxon Dawn Goddess

Tīw- the Anglo-Saxon Sky Father, God of Justice and War

Tīw was obviously an important god to the Anglo-Saxons. They named a day of the week after him, and several places in England were named after him. Tacitus lists him as one of the three most important gods (along with Wōden and Thunor) to the Germanic tribes that would later become the Anglo-Saxons. So it […]

Tīw- the Anglo-Saxon Sky Father, God of Justice and War